"I was worried about a scar from Mohs surgery. The radiation treatment at Gamma West was a fabulous alternative. It was quick and safe and left no scar. The staff was great. The results were great."
- Barbara

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Non-Invasive Treatment for Skin Cancer

Basal cell and squamous cell cancers are commonly treated with surgery. Our advanced Superficial Radiation Therapy is an alternative to surgery, especially for skin lesions in sensitive areas such as the eyes, ears and nose. A precise dose of radiation (x-rays) destroys the cancer cells. The procedure is painless and quite simple, only requiring a short visit each time to administer over the course of treatment. As an FDA-approved procedure for non-melanoma skin cancer and keloids, Medicare Part B and most insurance carriers readily accept this treatment option.

Benefits include:

  • No anesthetics
  • No cutting, bleeding or stitching
  • Minimal risk of infection or scarring
  • No reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Quick healing and no restrictions after treatment